Lost / Found Podcast with Dr. Michelle Choi
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June 24, 2024

Ep. 117 – Let’s Talk About UNTANGLING

Join us on this episode as my friend Oriana Gliessman asks ME questions about my book, “Untangling: Liberating Myself from an Enmeshed Family and Impossible Medical Career.” My book came out last week! Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

We may have looked like hell recording this interview, but isn’t that the first sign of friendship? Oriana comes clean and states that she errrr, she doesn’t generally like self-help books nor memoirs. I had no idea. But she therefore may be the perfect person with whom to review the book. She’s going to be real. I’ve also been feeling vulnerable about the book’s release, and, quite frankly, a little afraid. Join us as we of course laugh, talk about vaginas, and my vulnerabilities, as I choose to less afraid.

My book starts off with my midlife crisis when I acknowledge the harsh realities of corporate medicine and don’t like the person that I’m becoming. Starting the podcast and learning about what health and wellness really entails has been a journey, as I also ended up exploring the deep wounds of generational trauma. My own wounds that I’ve carried. But letting go of everything that I thought was important helped me to see the patterns in my own life, within my family of origin, and in my career. I choose my life. And, of course, let’s be honest, I’m not going to write a book without cursing, mentioning bowel movements, and laughing. This is not your typical doctor book.

Lost / Found Podcast with Dr. Michelle Choi
Lost or Found
Ep. 117 - Let's Talk About UNTANGLING