Lost or Found- Reincarnation

The first book in spirituality I ever read was Dr. Brian Weiss’ book- Many Lives, Many Masters. ⁠

I was so shocked by this book that I read it in half a day. It freaked me out so much, that I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks. My thinking changed. His book was the beginning of my own path and my wondering. I started to wonder if life could be more than what we thought it was. ⁠

Dr. Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist, a medical doctor, who also practices psychotherapy. And in his book he writes about one of his patients, who is a young woman who suffers from many fears and anxieties, which have escalated to the point where she can’t even leave her house. And as he works with her, he is shocked and initially skeptical when she starts recalling past-life traumas that she still carries which have also impacted her current life. This patient then starts to channel messages from “the space between lives” and relays specific information for him and knowledge for life in general. A couple of episodes ago, I had mentioned that I generally like to read books by medical docs, because I know that we’re a cynical bunch. The modern day doc is trained not to believe if there’s no evidence. And I know that when we do believe, it has to be THAT profound, to shift the paradigm of our lives and work. Working with this one patient forever changed the life of Dr. Weiss. And his book is about reincarnation and past life regression, as he also brings up the idea of the survival of the soul after death.⁠

In the example of his patient, he brings up the possibility that we can carry certain emotions and fears from our past lives into our current lives. Same soul, different bodies, well, it can make it hella complicated. And maybe that’s what life is- really complicated. ⁠

And as I interview Dr. Tucker this week about his work in reincarnation, I find his book Life Before Life very interesting, as he is also a medical doctor evaluating the scientific evidence, for or against reincarnation. And as he evaluates the evidence, we can’t help but also wonder- What happens after death? Is it possible for our consciousness to survive physical death?

Michelle Choi MD