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Ep. 116: Cultural Trauma with Jordan Thorpe

Our legacy of injustice has created populations of very hurt people, such that they've carried the pain and anger for generations. But is the answer "an eye for an...

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Ep. 115: Colleen Murphy on Communicating with Teens

What do when teens are sweet at certain moments and maniacs at others? Parent coach Colleen Murphy is here to help us navigate.

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Ep. 114: Difficult Moms with Dr. Esther An, MD

We are doing it!  Today on the podcast, we are discussing difficult moms.

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Ep. 113: First 2 Chapters of Untangling

Hello friends! For this episode I'm going to share the first two chapters of my upcoming book Untangling: Liberating Myself from an Enmeshed Family and Impossible Medical Career.  It's really been...

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Ep. 112: Generational Trauma with Ken Robins

What happens when we find ourselves living with the learned patterns and pain of the family that raised us and raised them? Ken Robins shares his insights on...

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Ep. 111: Morally Injured with Dr. Tara Sood

If you know a doctor or nurse, if you are a doctor or nurse, if you know a doctor who committed suicide, if you are a little or a...

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Ep.110: Pain Reprocessing Therapy with Tai Kuncio

On today's episode, I am happy to introduce Tai Kuncio to the show. Tai Kuncio is a chronic pain coach, who specializes in Pain Reprocessing Therapy - a ground-breaking new...

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Ep. 109: Fitness Training with Alex Soto

While many would be turned off by the idea of fitness training, as we are more prone to injury as we get older, it's important to actually feel strong...

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Ep. 108: Journey Through Pain with Alex Soto

Alex Soto is on the show to talk about his journey into understanding the pain that people carry in their bodies.

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Ep. 107.  My Imagined Letter. By me, For me, To me.

This letter has become a part of my process of differentiation from my pain. With this letter, I can understand my pain, and I can understand my mother's pain....

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