Generational Trauma

Ep. 117 – Let’s Talk About UNTANGLING

Join us on this episode as my friend Oriana Gliessman asks ME questions about my book, "Untangling: Liberating Myself from an Enmeshed Family and Impossible Medical Career." Let's just say this is not your typical doctor book.

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Ep. 116: Cultural Trauma with Jordan Thorpe

Our legacy of injustice has created populations of very hurt people, such that they've carried the pain and anger for generations. But is the answer "an eye for an eye?" Or are there other ways in which we can heal?

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Ep. 112: Generational Trauma with Ken Robins

What happens when we find ourselves living with the learned patterns and pain of the family that raised us and raised them? Ken Robins shares his insights on healing and "safe attachment" in our relationships.

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