Meet the Support Team

Will Mitchell

Sound Engineer​

Will wears many hats at Hands On Sound but is best known as producer, audio engineer, sound designer, and editor for major label and network music, film and video projects, corporate clients and independent artists.  He is also a performing/ studio musician, location sound recordist, field recordist and SFX recordist.  

Will is inspired daily by the view of the ever changing sky outside his home in the SF Bay Area.

Katherine Hallissy Ayala

Web Designer

A freelance web designer, specializing in JavaScript, CSS, and WordPress, CodeByKatherine specializes in assisting small businesses with bringing their projects online and maintaining that online presence.  When she isn’t teaching high school Computer Science, Katherine enjoys learning new tools, matching the right design to a client’s needs, and training clients who wish to maintain their website independently.  

Katherine is a wife, mom, active community volunteer, enthusiastic reader, and recreational baker.