Social Justice

Episode 25: Racial Injustices in Medicine

Racial injustices exist in the U.S., and the implicit and explicit bias that exists contributes to racial disparities in healthcare. I talked with psychiatrist Dr. Norman Reynolds, MD, about racism in the United States, and how it has affected the practice of medicine historically up until now - as it is one more reflection of the fact that we do not have equity in our country. During the pandemic, there was a disproportionate toll of Covid19 hospitalizations and deaths among minority populations, and it's known that U.S. pregnancy deaths are up, especially among minorities. Philosopher George...

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Episode 20: As a Black Woman with Sola Adelowo

Sometimes in life, we really can’t imagine what it’s like to be someone, unless we are in their shoes. Explicit and implicit bias exists. Racism exists, and with that, oppression. Sola Adelowo and I talk about her experiences as a black woman- in the U.S., Switzerland, and in South Africa. In a conversation that began after she had revealed to me that she was called the "N-word" by a white man, Sola talks about her own life. How can we honor all of humanity if we don't recognize that not all are treated equally?

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