Month: February 2021

Calling in the Calling Out Culture

The process of Calling-out in our culture today can be dehumanizing. I found Professor Loretta Ross so inspiring because she speaks so honestly about how derisive calling-out is, and brings up a more productive and humane approach to correct the wrongs.⁠⁠Let’s be real. Who hasn’t made a mistake? And I think the word mistake should be…

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Our Path of Awakening

One’s path of awakening, such as being aware of the state of your mind, being aware of how you feel, being aware of your inner peace, does often feel like an uphill battle. But if you think about it, it’s the process of digging and building. Nothing worthwhile is built in a couple of hours…

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Broken Heart Syndrome

Did you know that there actually is a medical condition called Broken Heart Syndrome?⁠⁠It occurs when there is a severe emotional or physical stress- like loss of a loved one, serious accident, a really bad argument, financial loss, intense fear, receiving awful news- that feeling of emotionally being broken hearted, can literally lead to cardiac…

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