Our Path of Awakening

Michelle Choi MD Journal

One’s path of awakening, such as being aware of the state of your mind, being aware of how you feel, being aware of your inner peace, does often feel like an uphill battle. But if you think about it, it’s the process of digging and building. Nothing worthwhile is built in a couple of hours or less than a day. We live in a society now, where immediate gratification is big, everything is so quick and accessible. But maybe, the actual process of feeling, learning and developing is still the same, and it’s still really important.⁠

Maybe it’s worth wondering – if you don’t feel whole, if you feel a little or a lot empty, if you feel more unhappy than not, if you feel like there are a lot of instances in your life where you are shaken, if you don’t feel loved or if you don’t even like yourself all the time. ⁠

There is research that indicates that there is negative bias of the brain. What does this mean? It means that even if you have more positive experiences than negative ones, your brain prefers to retain the negative ones and grow the negative memories and experiences. So it means that we have to be conscious and take an active effort to take in the good experiences, and literally absorb it. If our brains naturally retain the negative experiences, if we are not careful, we could invite more of the negative experiences and memories. Be aware, be conscious, give more power to your GOOD experiences. If someone tells you “You are smart,” or “You are beautiful inside and out,” – take a moment, revel in it, and absorb it. Enjoy it! Because if we are not careful, our overactive brain could be feeding us untruths that we can potentially live with for the rest of our lives. Don’t do that yo!⁠

Michelle Choi MD