Episode 13: End of Life Experiences with Dr. Christopher Kerr

I speak with Dr. Christopher Kerr, MD, PhD, who is a hospice physician and end of life researcher, about end of life experiences. He wrote “Death Is But a Dream,” which is based on Dr. Kerr’s extensive research with hospice patients and their families – which highlights and validates the powerful dreams and visions often experienced at the end of life, that bring comfort and meaning to people who are dying. His Ted talk has over 3 million views, his work is featured in the Netflix docuseries “Surviving Death”, and most recently Dr. Kerr and his research team are featured in a public television documentary, “Death is but a dream”, which premiered on WNED PBS which serves Western New York, and is set to air nationally in April 2021. You can find him at drchristopherkerr.com.

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