dana ramsey

Ep.45: A Better Menopause with Dana Ramsey

What’s clear is that even though we think we may know, most women do not have a good understanding of menopause.  We have an idea of what occurs, but do we truly know what is to be expected?  Menopause is diagnosed after you’ve gone without a period for one year, but, well, it doesn’t just last one year.  There’s been a longstanding viewpoint, which is oftentimes misogynistic, that menopause is viewed as a pre-death, decreases a woman’s worth, or affects one’s femininity.  But with the appropriate knowledge on this very important women’s health issue, and by being in the know, you can help yourself through the process, and have a better menopause to live your fullest life.  Join us in this fascinating conversation with Dana Ramsey, CNM, MSN.  She is the founder of Nurture Women’s Health & Fertility.  Be empowered!  You can find Dana at nurturesantacruz.com.

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Episode 32: Improving Your Fertility, Naturally

Infertility is fairly common in the United States, as it impacts about 15% of couples. Fertility is also known to steadily decline with age. Infertility can affect one or both partners- about a third of the time, infertility can be traced to the woman, a third of the cases can be traced to the man, and in the remaining cases, there are issues in both partners or no cause can be found. On today’s show, Dana Ramsey, CNM, MSN, talks about blending holistic, integrative care with modern medicine, to naturally improve fertility and conception. It is known that lifestyle factors, ways of life, can greatly influence overall health and well-being, including fertility. And on today’s show, we talk about healthy habits to optimize fertility. You can find Dana at nurturesantacruz.com.

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