soul friend

Episode 35: Celtic Spirituality: The Soul’s Friend

We live in a society where we focus on the external or only that which we can see. But what if we’re more than that? To be whole, our complexity requires acknowledgement. If we strive for balance in our lives, we need to consider not only the exterior but also the interior, the visible and the invisible, the known and unknown, the ancient and the new. On today’s show, we have Rowan Foxx Giles here to talk about Celtic Spirituality. She is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Counselor. She is known worldwide for helping people to navigate their lives and achieve their goals through Anam Cara Soul Path Readings and Healings, and she is Celtic in heritage herself. The Anam Cara is a Celtic tradition of guidance and inner growth, as the literal translation of Anam Cara is “soul friend.” Join us as we talk about Celtic spirituality and life’s journey. You can find her at

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