samantha fey

Episode 89: The Awake Dreamer with Samantha Fey

I am SO excited to have Samantha Fey back on the show!  She’s here to talk about her new book, The Awake Dreamer, and it’s a super interesting and fascinating read.

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Episode 36: The Empath with Samantha Fey

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who have the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others. It can be like a super power, though without boundaries, it can also feel like a draining curse. These are some signs that indicate that you could be an empath: Have you ever noticed that you’re deeply tuned into the feelings of others around you? Do you get overwhelmed in big crowds? When you see something sad on TV, does it feel overpowering to you? Have you ever noticed that you may feel fine before you talk with someone, but then you talk with that someone, and it’s almost like you feel and absorb THEIR pain, stress, and anxiety?

On today’s show, Samantha Fey is here to talk about Empaths! She is the host of two podcasts- “Psychic Teachers” and “Enlightened Empaths.” Join us in this engrossing conversation as we talk about Empaths. It’s important to recognize that because Empaths are natural healers of the world, we naturally want to make things better. But when we are not aware of who we are and we don’t have firm boundaries – we take on other people’s problems, and it can literally affect our own health. You can find Samantha Fey at

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