mindful eating

Episode 43: Mindful Eating with Kathy Nuss

On today’s episode, I speak with Kathy Nuss, who is an Occupational Therapist in Pacific Grove, Monterey, and we talk about mindful eating. Considering the fact that the rate of obesity has been consistently rising in the U.S., have we forgotten what comprises a healthy diet? The U.S. weight loss market is huge, selling “quick and easy” weight loss programs which are ineffective in the long run. Oftentimes we target the individual, but there are environmental triggers everywhere. We have become a culture that loves fat, sugar, and salt. How do we make the healthy choice when our environment doesn’t necessarily support this? How do we develop a healthier relationship with food? On today’s episode we begin to talk about honoring our hunger, making peace with food, challenging the food police, discovering satisfaction, feeling our fullness, and ultimately, respecting our body. You can find Kathy at wellnessfromwithinpg.com

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