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Episode 87: Where True Medicine Begins with Dr. Rakesh Jotwani, MD

I agree with Dr. Rakesh Jotwani: Food is medicine.  Movement is medicine.  Breath is medicine.  Sleep is medicine.  Love is medicine.

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Episode 37: Chronic Inflammation with Dr. Monica Aggarwal, MD

When the body becomes imbalanced, it becomes irritated and inflamed. I believe most of us live our lives in the chronic inflammatory state. Stresses have many external sources – it could be the people in your life, your job, lack of sleep, lack of activity, the death of a loved one, chronic illness or injury, pollution, or even what we put into our mouths. While acute inflammation is good and life-saving, chronic inflammation is not. Your bodily resources are utilized to deal with inflammation. And if inflammation is never turned off, our bodies only have so much reserve and can become imbalanced. On today’s show, we have Dr. Monica Aggarwal, MD. She is a cardiologist, author, and athlete. Her book, Body on Fire, which she wrote with Dr. Jyothi Rao, is so relevant to our lives and health. And today we talk about how we can trigger inflammation in our bodies and how we can also calm the inflammation that can cause sickness. You can find her at

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Episode 23: Lifestyle Is Prevention with Dr. Nicole Harkin

It’s amazing to think that simple lifestyle changes can have such a huge and powerful impact – but they do! You have so much control over your own health! Dr. Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC, is a preventive cardiologist, and in this episode we talk about sustainable lifestyle changes as prevention, primarily diet. If you’re feeling not so great despite “normal” labwork and tests, if you’re dealing with a chronic illness, or if you’re feeling healthy and want to learn more, this conversation may inspire you to rethink what we are putting into our bodies. Join us for this interesting conversation – as we talk about the scientific data in regards to diet. It’s empowering! Find Dr. Harkin at

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