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Ep.45: A Better Menopause with Dana Ramsey

What’s clear is that even though we think we may know, most women do not have a good understanding of menopause.  We have an idea of what occurs, but do we truly know what is to be expected?  Menopause is diagnosed after you’ve gone without a period for one year, but, well, it doesn’t just last one year.  There’s been a longstanding viewpoint, which is oftentimes misogynistic, that menopause is viewed as a pre-death, decreases a woman’s worth, or affects one’s femininity.  But with the appropriate knowledge on this very important women’s health issue, and by being in the know, you can help yourself through the process, and have a better menopause to live your fullest life.  Join us in this fascinating conversation with Dana Ramsey, CNM, MSN.  She is the founder of Nurture Women’s Health & Fertility.  Be empowered!  You can find Dana at

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