heidi olander

Episode 46: My Adventure with Neurosurgery with Dr. Heidi Olander, MD

On today’s episode, my friend, Dr. Heidi Olander, MD, shares her recent neurosurgical health crisis.  In spring 2020, she was noted to have a lesion in her brain, with the potential to be something malignant or benign- and she was recommended for neurosurgery for a medical diagnosis.  She walks us through her medical journey.  One of the commonalities in life is that we will all inevitably face one or more crises or have to deal with adversity.  But perhaps an important key in learning from our adversity, and becoming resilient, is to emerge from the other side of a difficult experience, as intact as possible.  As scary as these experiences can seem, they can also add to our lives and ultimately help to heal us.  Dr. Olander is an Ob-Gyn doctor with Kaiser Permanente San Jose and Santa Cruz.

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Episode 15: In VaginaLand with Dr. Heidi Olander

I speak with Dr. Heidi Olander, MD, who is an Ob-gyn physician at Kaiser Permanente San Jose and Santa Cruz about Vaginas, Vulvas, Women’s Libido, Menopause, and other Women’s Health issues. Often times misunderstood, perhaps uncomfortable as well, Dr. Olander and I talk about the state of the vagina, our vaginas. Have you ever wondered what normal is? Can the vulva change shape? Does taking hormones help our libido? What about vaginal discharge? Let’s talk about it! It’s female empowerment!

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