connie sobczak

Episode 57: Aging Joyfully with Connie Sobczak

Instead of seeing aging as something to fight, what joys can we amplify to mitigate the losses of youth, so that we continue to embrace who we are?  

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Episode 26: Loving Your Unique Body with Connie Sobczak

Connie Sobczak founded the organization, The Body Positive, in honor of her sister, to ensure that her daughter would grow up in a new world – one where people are free to focus on the things in life that really matter. It is a community that offers freedom from the suppressive and oppressive messages from society, that cause people to be in a perpetual conflict with their own bodies. She is the author of Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!), and she has a Ted talk entitled, “Embracing Your Critical Voice: The Gateway to Self-Love,” where she talks about learning to embrace ourselves, so that we are not derailed from our core truths. A truly fascinating and thought-provoking conversation- Join us!

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