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Ep. 106-  Enmeshment and Being “Too Close” with Dr. Chris Fahrenbach

Today we discuss Enmeshment based on Jennette McCurdy’s bestselling book I’m Glad My Mom Died.  What can happen when perhaps…you’re too close.

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Episode 54 – Roman Catholic Womenpriests with Dr. Chris Fahrenbach

As much as the church comforts me, I don’t agree with everything the it teaches. For example, why can’t women be priests? Why can’t priests marry?

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Episode 22: What We Still Carry with Dr. Chris Fahrenbach

In this week’s episode, I speak with Dr. Christine Fahrenbach, PhD, about what we still carry in our lives. What if the truth has always been that we are all worthy of a beautiful life? Life can be stressful for all of us. But among people who have had trauma in their past and carry their trauma or remnants of it – including the stress from everyday – elevated stress levels are more common. The two main categories of trauma are commonly referred to as Big “T” and small “t” traumatizations. While Big T traumas can be seen as life threatening experiences, small “t” traumas are also painful and can include bullying, emotional abuse, difficult relationships, or loss of a pet. Join us in this interesting and insightful conversation as we discuss the possibilities of our lives!

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