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August 3, 2023

Ep. 109: Fitness Training with Alex Soto

Alex Soto is back on the show to talk about his incredible work as a fitness and functional trainer, as well as the profound body work that he does for his clients.

While many would be turned off by the idea of fitness training, as we are more prone to injury as we get older, it’s important to actually feel strong in our bodies while also appropriately addressing the painful and weaker areas.  It’s preventative and perhaps curative. Last week, Alex was on the show talking about his history with pain, as well as the emotional and physical pain that he sees in his clients.  On this week’s episode, Alex begins to tell us what we can do.  Perhaps the most intuitive trainer I’ve ever met, I can’t help but really know that he gets pain.  And well, I think there’s so much that one can do to help you, if they get it.  

Check this episode out if you have pain, or you’ve thought about the possibility of a physically, and perhaps emotionally stronger YOU!

You can find Alex on instagram @alex2636 or you can email him at Ealexsoto85@gmail.com.

Also, We will be taking a short break for about 6 weeks.  We’ll be back in the middle of September.  I’ll miss you, but I need some time to chill.  And don’t forget to check out some older episodes that interest you.  And don’t forget to rate this podcast.  On Apple podcast, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page of episodes- to see the 5 stars. For Spotify, the rating is usually at the top.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer.  And be kind to yourself.  Because, if not for YOU, where would you be?  And I thank you.  I also wanted to thank Katherine Hallissy Ayala, my beloved Webdesigner, you can find her at CodeByKatherine.com, and Will Mitchell, my beloved Sound producer, who makes everything sound easy and definitely Ups my game- you can find him at hands-on-sound.net.

Lost / Found Podcast with Dr. Michelle Choi
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Ep. 109: Fitness Training with Alex Soto