The Magnolia is One Badass Flower!


The Magnolia is one badass flower!⁠  And what meaning it has!⁠

The flower represents femininity, gentleness, dignity, and perseverance. While they are soft and subtle in color, they are strong in their appearance, blooming boldly.⁠

A very old flower that has been gracing Earth since the beginning of time, evidence dates it back to 80 million years ago. It’s pretty impressive, actually, if you think about it– being able to adapt to evolving climatic and geological conditions to survive, being amenable to change when needed to grow– perhaps that’s why the flower also represents endurance and eternity.⁠

In front of my mother’s house, there is a large magnolia tree that blooms magnificently every spring. ⁠

Known as the Queen of Spring, this flower reminds me of what we all could be, if we choose. There are always chances to bloom, and if we don’t give up, if we persevere, then we get to enjoy the bounty that spring has to offer with new life and growth. It’s a reminder of what could be, what could have been, and what is. There are always chances. Will you grab your chance, or will you let it pass? The sweet smell of magnolias! Sometimes it’s as simple as just following your heart and understanding the signs that you are getting through your feelings.⁠

Michelle Choi MD