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April 6, 2023

Ep. 94: Domestic Violence and Our Children, with Kalyne Foster Renda

Thanks for joining us today, and we have a great show lined up. It’s also a super important one.  Kalyne Foster Renda from Monarch Services is here to talk about Intimate Partner Violence and our Youth. Intimate partner violence, or Domestic violence, is a societal problem, not only a family or private issue.  With youth experiencing sexual assault, often times it’s a friend, someone you know. That’s why it’s important to be in the know, because we can prevent this from happening. 

The facts are alarming.  And you may know already know someone in an abusive relationship. 

Many children exposed to violence in the home are also victims of physical abuse. Children who witness domestic violence or are victims of abuse themselves are at serious risk for long-term physical and mental health problems. Children who witness violence between parents may also be at greater risk of being violent in their future relationships. 

Kalyne has spent the past 25 years advocating for social justice and equity for historically marginalized individuals and communities through community organizing, policy advocacy and direct services. As the Chief Executive Officer at Monarch Services, Kalyne leads a team of service staff in providing prevention and intervention services focused on domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking serving over 5,500 community members each year. You can find her at Monarchscc.org. Please also consider donating to this wonderful and super impactful organization.

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Lost / Found Podcast with Dr. Michelle Choi
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Ep. 94: Domestic Violence and Our Children, with Kalyne Foster Renda