Big Sur Bathroom

Dr. Michelle Choi, Big Sur

Recently, I drove down to Big Sur for an interview. And it came at a time, when I felt like I had emerged from a period of real self doubt in my chosen path, when things had started to feel okay again – even if momentarily.

There are many points driving thru the scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the western U.S., that are so breathtakingly beautiful that you just feel like stopping, to take in the wonder that is our national treasure.

I rented a room for one night all by myself in Big Sur. It was super cute and rustic on the outside. Even though I’ve lived in CA for over 10 years, there’s still the bit of the city slicker that lives inside of me. I didn’t know that people actually did activities in the woods, until I moved out here. I was wondering why the cabin seemed sorta cheap for Big Sur- it’s CA pricing- relatively cheaper but all in all, really not cheap. I thought it was because of the twin bed?!? This is more reason to read up on what you’re getting for your money- as I didn’t read the description for the room.

When something looks rustic on the outside, it’s rustic on the inside! The kind of place where there is no wifi or cell phone access. And I realized one of the reasons why it was cheaper but not cheap, is because the bathroom is shared. Bc it’s such an old building and maybe people were also much smaller back then, the bathroom was SO small. The toilet was so close to the wall, I literally needed to sit sideways to get my whole ass fully on there. Otherwise, my knees would be touching the painted wood plank walls with the legitimate risk that I may not be able to get myself up and off. Having been in a Porta Potty the other day out of sheer desperation (and btw, all women hate porta potties), there’s a risk stratification that occurs in the mind of a woman when a woman uses the Porta potty. You really have to go THAT badly, to the point where your life almost depends on it. But I bring this up, bc there’s more room between the toilet and the door in a portable bathroom, than what was in this cabin.

Anyway, it was a great interview and insightful, and will be released this week. And well- I just love every moment that I can talk bathroom.

Michelle Choi MD