Self-Care for our Resilience


Self doubt is real. And self-care can help to keep us afloat.

Everyone has a hard work phase, especially if you’re literally working towards a goal. We like to see people’s successes, the pretty end product. But every product has a process. And it can be really painful.

My own self doubt has been on the high recently. And as I think about my self doubt, I’ve been wondering if in the short term, it’s not entirely bad. I wonder if a good dose of self doubt, even if it royally sucks, can be healthy for us. It reminds us that we’re not always right, it causes us to challenge ourselves and look inward, and perhaps it can also help us to become stronger. And as I’ve been swimming in my self doubt, I can also feel that if I’m not careful and aware, how it can lead to depression. My “I can’t” can become my self-fulfilling prophecy- that I’m not talented or smart enough, that I’m ultimately useless. I can become overcome with fear- the fear of uncertainty and the fear of not being able to succeed- perpetuating the idea that I’m a fraud, as I become more isolated and pessimistic. Anyway, my point is, we have to be careful when our self doubt is chronic. But in the short term, perhaps self doubt can help us to think things through.

During my period of feeling badly, I’ve been continuing my self care. I’ve been doing my exercises consistently, I talk with friends and have real conversations, I pick my kids up and drive them to their activities and feel the outdoors, I’ve drastically reduced my sugar intake and have gone on a cleanse. While none of it has necessarily helped me to feel better immediately, I do feel that all of the above has helped me to eventually get out of the madness called my head. It’s helped me to survive. To gather my wits together again, to keep on walking my path.

Having a self care plan can help you to ride out what you are feeling, so that you can feel okay again.

Michelle Choi MD