The Badass that Cares

Michelle Choi MD Journal

I have a fascination with female badasses that care. In life or in spirit.⁠

I recently learned about Guanyin or Kuan yin or Guan yim, who is the Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion.  Yes- I may be slow on the uptake, but I am thankful I started to wonder about her midlife, then never having known. She is the goddess of compassion, mercy, kindness and love. All of the things that we need in our world right now- for ourselves, for each other, and for our connection to our planet. Some would say that Guanyin is neither she nor he, and that as a bodhisattva, can be transformed into anything to relieve suffering. Bodhisattva is a being of bodhi or enlightened one, who has earned the right to leave the world of suffering and is destined to become a Buddha, but gave up the bliss of nirvana, and essentially stayed behind to save all the children of God. She is associated with the lotus flower- which grows in mud, but not contaminated by the sludge, and grows into a beautiful flower. ⁠

It is thought that Guanyin can bring peace of mind. That everyone has Guanyin at heart- which is compassion, kindness, and peace, and that your heart can be awakened. We can all choose to grow our seed of mercy, to grow our lotus flower, and perhaps it begins with us.  May Guanyin bless your world with light and love!

Michelle Choi MD